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Soundplay - learning through laughter, music and play!

Soundplay is all about the magic of music!


Through music, we connect children to a love of 

learning and inspire creativity, self-expression and confidence.

Every Child Deserves The Chance To Be Musical


I believe children are born musical.

The problem is that we don’t give them the opportunity to get involved.


As a child, I wasn’t given the opportunity to develop that part of myself and as an adult I was full of regret that I didn’t grow up learning to play an instrument. 


 Soundplay gives children the opportunity to get involved and develop their confidence, musicality and creativity.

"....each class is a magical musical journey

packed full of learning & laughter!"



At Soundplay, we bring play-based learning to a whole new level!


With loads of instruments, singing and dancing our super fun classes

promote confidence, kindness and musicality.

It's FUN!

There’s nothing quite like LAUGHTER to inspire happiness and with it, an openness and love of learning that will help them get ahead in school. 

Your little one will enjoy every moment of class. Between the music, jokes and giggles they’d never guess they were learning so much!


When children are happy they embrace life with confidence.  Give your child the opportunity to shine ...



Our 3 seed approach insures classes nurture your child’s mental, emotional

and physical development.


Classes support the development of - 


1.     Music ( playing instruments and theory ), Numeracy, language and literacy.

2.     Confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

3.     Listening skills, Co-ordination, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. 


to give your child a wonderful head start!


We understand how competitive education has become and how hard it is get that “edge”.

Soundplay classes harness's the magic of music in age-appropriate programs to support milestones that are essential for your child's future success.


Your little ones will enjoy every moment of class. Between the music, and giggles they’d never guess they were learning so much!


By bringing music straight to your child's day care centre, we save you so much time running around.  

There are no extra fees for instruments or equipment and by connecting you to our YouTube Channel you can join in the fun anytime, anywhere! Rainy days at home have never been so entertaining!

Alex gets so excited on Monday (Soundplay day at Kindy) It’s the highlight of his week.

Ben ( Alex's dad ) 

Give your child more with Soundplay today!

Dani started last term and I can already see how much her confidence has grown. There's lot’s more giggles and singing at home and so many less tears at drop off.

Rebecca ( Dani’s mum )

How do I start?

Book your child in for a FREE discovery class at their centre!

Once enrolled, we'll show you lot's of pictures and a video's of how much fun they're having each week as well as providing you with fabulous links for more at home!

Click HERE  for a FREE discovery class.



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