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Soundplay at childcare is the perfect way to help your child establish a positive relationship to learning.

Knowingyour child is at Soundplay, is knowing you’re giving them a head start.


It's FUN!

When children are happy they embrace life with confidence and there’s nothing quite like LAUGHTER to inspire happiness!

Your little one will enjoy every moment of class. Between the music, jokes and giggles they’d never guess they were learning so much!


It's educational!

Musical study in early childhood advances brain development.


We understand how competitive higher education has become and how hard it is get ahead.  Soundplay classes harness the magic of music in age appropriate programs to support milestones that are essential for greater learning.


Using musical games, instruments and technology, classes  not only introduce your children to the foundations of music but support the development of numeracy, literacy, co-ordination, self–confidence, sharing, motor skills and creativity. 


We inspire a deeply positive relationship with learning that will

benefit them for years to come.


It's easy and convenient!

We're right where you need us to be! By bringing this program straight to your child's day care we save you so much time running around.  There are no extra fee's for materials or instruments and by connecting you to our online resources, you can join in the fun anytime anywhere! 


How much are Soundplay classes?

Classes are only $12 + GST a week. ( $132 per 10 week term )

Can my child try it first?

Of course! They can even try it free of charge.  Just click HERE to save them a place.

...each class is a 

magical musical journey

packed full of learning & laughter!"

Alex gets so excited on Monday (Soundplay day at Kindy) It’s the highlight of his week.

Ben ( Alex's dad ) 

Dani started last term and I can already see how much her confidence has grown. There's lot’s more giggles and less tears.

Rebecca ( Dani’s mum )

I can’t believe I have a 2.5 year old that pack’s his own toys away. Ending play time used to be a battle and now it's something fun we do together. So yes, I can't begin to recommend Soundplayenough. It's made such us difference to us at home.

Moz ( Kai's mum ) 

Save your child a place in Soundplay at their childare centre.

Music is an integral part of a quality early childhood curriculum... It plays a role in ... developing skills and concepts, helping children make transitions, and building a sense of community.

Pam Schiller Ph.D

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