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Connect your child to a world of 


Hi there!


My name is Jacqueline and I'm the founder of Soundplay Australia.


At Soundplay, you and your little one will laugh, giggle and smile your way through super fun musical games and activities as you learn lot's of cool stuff you can also do at home. It's such a joy to be a part of. 


Music inspires happiness and children love music, so connect your child to a world of happiness today!

A little more about Jacqueline

Jacqueline is one of those refreshing people who is genuinely inspired by what she does. Supporting growth and communication through music.


Her exploration has spanned multiple countries and taken many forms: Singer, Producer, Disability Support, Songwriter, Arts Based Engagement & Youth Development Program

Facilitator, Mentor and Teacher.


As a musician, Jacqueline has appeared on stages in Australia, The UK , India and Asia. She has recorded 2 EP’s, a Self titled CD under her stage name Lanrae and released a few Singles ( video's below ). 


Jacqueline’s first foray into using music as a tool for growth and connection was spent engaging children born with developmental disabilities. Over the years she expanded into electronic music production and was employed by The Sydney Powerhouse Museum to teach in their Sound Lab.


From there she quickly discovered the power music had to not only promote education and engage children’s imaginations, but also as a vehicle to expand other elements of growth like literacy, numeracy, confidence and communication.

My 20 month old son and I love going to Soundplay. Jac is a natural at keeping the children engaged throughout the entire class with all the song, dance, movement and play with all the different instruments.


I really appreciate how Jac explains the benefits of the different exercises and how it will impact my sons development. Would highly recommend. 




Jacquline has since worked with many government, NFP and NGO's facilitating and developing programs that use singing, songwriting, rhythm and electronic music production to engage marginalised children in schools and young people living in remote Indigenous communities.


In 2013 she was employed by the Waverly Council to teach across all of their preschools and produce a CD and concert focused on multiculturalism.


Jacqueline is a professional musician deeply experienced in facilitating youth development programs. She is passionate about what she does and brings energy and life to every activity. Her classes are a wonderfully positive environment to be in.

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