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2601 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

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Sales Text about how we're awesome and will make parents love them an about how our compliance to ELYF and QIP saves teachers timr.



A bit more about Arts based engagement…



• Arts-based training is experiential; promoting

learning through engagement and motivation, and

working as teams to try out new things together,

reflect, revise and practice. This gives people and

organisations the freedom to be innovative,

improvise, take risks and be flexible, impressively

empowering your people to achieving successful




Arts-based training impacts on an emotional level

which generates behavior change and from a place of deep

engagement. Our master classes create a safe a space where teams come together to learn, explore, create, take risks, and reflect on the benefits of expanding their ability to connect.



Development of staff and organisations

in this way has a direct positive correlation with

performance, innovation, staff turnover rates and ultimately can create advocates for the business.

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