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Meet The Team!


Jacqueline Freeman is one of those refreshing people who is genuinely inspired by what she does. Supporting growth, confidence and communication through music.


With a background in developmental disability and a passion for arts based engagement, her career has spanned multiple countries and taken many forms: Singer, Producer, Songwriter, Youth Development Program Facilitator, Mentor and Professional Development Educator.


As a musician, Jacqueline has appeared on stages in Australia, The UK , India and Asia. She has recorded 2 EP’s and released singles under her stage name Lanrae.


Jacqueline has worked with many government, NFP and NGO's facilitating and developing programs that use music to engage and inspire everyone from babies in child care through to marginalised young people living in remote Indigenous communities and professionals looking to increase their skills in the field of musical engagement.


Jacqueline is a professional musician who is passionate about inspiring creative confidence in everyone she has the pleasure of working with. 



Grace Fuller is a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist based in Sydney, NSW. Growing up in Dubbo, Grace had a passion for music from a young age, playing Piano, Violin, Guitar and singing. 


In 2014, Grace moved to Sydney to pursue her dream of music. She soon began performing at venues across Sydney and the Central Coast. In 2016, Grace graduated from JMC Academy with a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Contemporary Performance. 


Grace’s love for music has seen her perform to over 80,000 people, share the stage with bands such as Dragon, Hot Potato Band and more, and gain residencies at some of Sydney’s finest venues. 


Grace has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others, and is thrilled to be a part of Soundplay’s team. 



Isabella Polines is an enthusiastic and energetic musician that is passionate about bringing music to the classroom. 


She has recently completed a Master of Creative Music Therapy and is a newly registered Music Therapist. Through her studies she has gained experience working in SSP schools with children and adolescents with various disabilities, and in mental health settings. 


Isabella employs a supportive, strengths-based approach in both therapeutic and educational settings. She loves to empower children through music and give them the space to explore and express themselves. 


She believes that there is much to learn from children, and seeks to foster their unique creativity and curiosity through musical play.


Isabel Rakuljic is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Music (Music Education) with a major in Musicology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


She will be undertaking an honours project focussing on the impacts of culturally specific experience of music upon one’s music education, combining her passion for education with an interest in people and the world.


Isabel has a keen interest in utilising different teaching methodologies. She is a passionate advocate for the Orff Schulwerk approach which encourages children to develop musicality through their own thoughts and creativity and recognises the importance of rhythm in children’s early musical experiences. This is fostered through movement and dance as well as singing, speaking rhythmically and instrument playing. 


Isabel is passionate not only about music education but she is an avid advocate of quality education for all children. This passion has led her to many opportunities in the world of children’s education in a variety of different fields. 

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