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First and foremost, out classes are fun. Super fun! With laughter, we inspire an unparalled eagerness for participation and set the foundation for a life long love of learning.


Our principles, practices and outcomes align with the Australian governments Early Learning Years Framework ( ELYF) to support and enhance young children’s learning, as well as their transition to school. Our programs embody the philosophy of Belonging, Being and Becoming.  


Soundplay classes not only give children access to the magical mysteries of music, they focus children toward; 


·       Understanding their connection to the world around them.

·       Developing a strong sense of wellbeing.

·       Forming a deep sense of identity.

·       Growing into confident and involved learners.

·       Becoming courageous, kind and effective communicators.



We are currently in the process of producing documentation detailing how Soudplay meets Quality Area 1 - Educational program and practice of the National Quality Framework. This documentation will be provided to every Preschool we partner with and is specifically designed to give educators more time and take a little bit of the "erh" out of your QIP. 


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Have you noticed a recent increase in your child’s Imagination? Has their vocabulary suddenly exploded along with their story telling?  Do they want to tell you about everything they can see and many things you can’t! Do they love singing, dancing and listening to music?


Welcome to the world of the pre-schooler, a world driven by imagination and play!  This is a precious time in your child’s development and you have the power to make a huge impact on how they relate to learning for the rest of their lives.


Soundplay @ preschool is the perfect way to secure that happy relationship to learning. Knowing your child is at Soundplay is knowing you’re giving them the perfect platform to thrive.


Bring on the music!


We cultivate confidence through Language and Vocal development


One of the ways we increase your child’s vocabulary is by increasing the repertoire of songs your child knows. And we’re not just talking about an old songbook! At Soundplay we streamline our programs to harness their active imaginations by writing original songs. These might be silly songs and rhymes or they might be specifically tailored to reinforce areas their preschool teachers are exploring.


As their vocabulary expands so does their ability to use their voice expressively. This is a great way to build both their listening skills as well as their confidence. We play games that match pitch and strengthen their vocal chords as well as giving them the opportunity to stand up in front of their peers, take the lead and be heard.


We cultivate independence and self-assurance through cognitive, social & emotional Development


Many of our musical activities are designed to enhance your child’s problem solving abilities. Whether it’s a clapping stick rhythm game designed to expand their numeracy or a riddle that they have to solve to gain access to a particular puppets, the exploration of concepts that aren’t immediately visible are encouraged through creative thinking.


One of our core values is the belief that there is nothing gained by playing small and pretending not to shine! At Soundplay every child is given the opportunity to feel good about standing tall and feeling special.  With age-appropriate expectations we create a secure environment in which your child can safe explore the boundaries of their self-expression.



We cultivate connection through fine and gross motor skill development


Our classes are all about experiential learning. We support the development of your child’s fine motor skills through things like instrument play and physically based number games. Using musical cues we help your child improve their gross motor skills by giving them the opportunity to stretch their physical capacity and improve their balance and coordination.


Rest assured you're giving you little one access to a world of happiness. Enrol today


Jacque had the attention and interest of all the children from the very 1st moment. (She) coveres a wide range of content including movement, song and percussion. The children were involved in learning so many different skills across literacy, maths and gross/fine motor. And of course all the teachers get to learn as well.

Thanks Jacque.


Claudia Quintauilla

Early Education teacher

Mill Hill Early Education Centre


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