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Debbie -  Rose Bay

My active 20mth old daughter loves these classes. I have found that she is very responsive to Jackies calm, caring and concise way with the children. I happily recommend Soundplay to all.



Rose Bay

These classes are fabulous. I’ve been going along with my 18 month old son. 


Usually when we go to classes or activities like these, it’s so hard to get him to participate; he’s usually the kid running around up the back at story time. But he was completely mesmerised by Jac. She has such a warm positive energy and is so engaging that children of all ages seemed to really respond to her.

The classes are relaxed and welcoming and so much fun! I’d highly recommend them.




Soundplay is refreshingly different from other kids’ music classes.


My 3-year old was completely engaged in the music, delivered via a variety of mediums: vocal, instrumental, movement and story. Most importantly for me, I left  the class with a relaxed child. 


Kids classes are so often overstimulating – leaving parents with a hyped-up, cranky child for the rest of the day – but Soundplay succeeds in introducing children to music in an interesting, yet calm, environment. 



Bellevue Hill

David -  Bondi  ( kai's dad )

My 3 year old daughter attended two of Jac’s music and movement classes and she absolutely loved it.


What differentiated this class from other classes we have attended was Jac’s loving nature and calmness which penetrated throughout the class. The kids were able to be expressive and were in environment conducive to learning all in the name of fun! Jac explained the impact of all the exercises on the child’s development and how it differs for age to age.

Would highly recommend.





A fabulous class for little ones – the children were delighted with the guitar and other instruments, the story telling and movement.


Just lovely.




My 20month old son and I love going to Soundplay. Jac is a natural at keeping the children engaged throughout the entire class with all the song, dance, movement and play with all the different instruments.


I really appreciate how Jac explains the benefits of the different exercises and how it will impact my sons development. Would highly recommend. 




Jackie is great! She has a lovely rapport with the kids and both my kiddies (3.3yrs + 8months old) loved her class. I definitely recommend it!



Neutral Bay

My 18 month old and 3 year old have been to 2 sound play classes together and I was amazed by the way Jacquie had them both entertained for the entire class. I enjoyed learning about the exercises/movement and how they help stimulate development. I would highly recommend. 




I would highly recommend Jac's music class. I took both my boys, 5 and 3, and they loved it. The intensity of the class was great, Jac 'read' the children's energy levels and adjusted the activities to suit. There were calm activities as well as more energetic ones where the kids were free to express themselves. It's fabulous to speak with Jac about her passion for music education as well as her philosophy behind why she does what she does. But mostly it's Jac's enthusiasm, calmness, and total passion for what she does that makes this such a wonderful class. 




My son and I loved these music classes! They were so much fun and made my 2.5 year old very relaxed – he hasn’t stopped dancing since! Jac is a lovely presence who works really well with the kids. My 5 month old daughter has come along too, and Jac really makes an effort to include her in the activities. 




A fantastic music class that is educational and fun. My 22 month old daughter can be quite shy but the teacher was really great at putting her at ease and helping her get the most from the class. 




My active 20mth old daughter loves going to these Soundplay classes. Jackie is wonderful with the children, reading their energy levels and adjusting the class to suit while still maintaining the guided theme she sets for each term. My daughter loves routine & it was great to see her settle into the classes, becoming more inquisitive with this guided theme and interacting with Jackie. I highly recommend Soundplay to all.



Green Square

Great class which really involves the children at the right level. My 2 year old daughter really enjoyed the class and Jac made it lots of fun. 



Double Bay

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