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With Music And Laughter, We Inspire An Unparalleled Eagerness

For Participation, And Support The Foundation For A Life Long Love Of Learning.



  • Do you want a program that enhances your own?  Our music programs are uniquely designed to support what your children and educators interests are focusing on from week to week. In this way, they enhance and add benefit to what you're already exploring, making everything run in an easy cohesive manner. 

  • Could you use a little extra time in your day? Soundplay activities are aligned with the ELYF requirements making reporting a breeze. We send links to your teachers that connect to key elements of the classes. These can be used to enhance project based learning outcomes throughout the term. 

  • We support parents. As well as improving the listening and communication skills of their children, parents can access the music and games via our YouTube channel at home. It's a hands on approach to being connected to their child's experience. 

  • We inspire children to shine. Using music as our gateway, we cultivate confidence, communication and creativity as we connect your children to a world of musical happiness.  

Interested in a fun filled musical incursion or discovery class? Get in touch to book a class today.

Research has proven that musical training in early childhood improves

many aspects of auditory processing, as well as cognitive, language, and literacy skills.


Our principles, practices and outcomes align with the Australian Government's Early Learning Years Framework (ELYF) to support and enhance young children’s learning, as well as their transition to school. Our programs embody the philosophy of Belonging, Being and Becoming.  


Soundplay classes not only reassure parents, give teachers more time and connect children to a world of happiness, they give children access to the magical mysteries of music and focus them toward; 


  •       Understanding their connection to the world around them.

  •       Developing a strong sense of wellbeing.

  •       Forming a deep sense of identity.

  •       Growing into confident and involved learners.

  •       Becoming courageous, kind and effective communicators.

The children are really enjoying Soundplay and show a great deal of focus and participation. I can see their ability to listen and respond in time together is progressing each week.

Joanna Ferreira - Moore Park Gardens Early Child Hood Centre.


Interested in a fun filled musical incursion or discovery class? Get in touch to book a class today.

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