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Has Your Child Shown An Interest In Music?

As well as being fabulously fun, research has shown that music helps children with everything from improving listening skills, to math, reading and co-ordination.

Soundplay Australia offers comprehensive age appropriate music classes for children 6m-5yrs in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

It's Fun!

There’s nothing quite like LAUGHTER to inspire happiness and with it, an openness and love of learning that will help them get ahead. 

Your little one will enjoy every moment of class. Between the singing, dancing, instruments and giggles they’d never guess they were learning so much!

It's Educational! 

When children are happy they embrace life with confidence. There’s nothing quite like music and laughter to inspire happiness, and with it an openness and love of learning.

Soundplay’s 3 seed approach harnesses music to nurture your child’s mental, emotional and physical education.

The music classes support the development of -

  1. Vocal development, Numeracy, language and literacy.

  2. Confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

  3. Active Listening skills, fine motor skills, Co-ordination, and Spatial Awareness.

It's Easy and Convenient

Because Soundplay music classes are run straight out of your child's day care centre, we save you so much time running around.  

There are no extra fees for instruments or equipment and the added benefit of our YouTube Channel means you can join in the fun with your little one from home! Rainy days at home have never been so entertaining!

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