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Frequently Asked Questions


How long are classes?

Classes run for 30 minutes. Classes are run weekly on a term long basis.


What happens in a class?

Parents sit together with their child in a circle on a big comfy blanket. Your Soundplay teacher will then guide you through different activities involving, songs, toys, musical instruments and other sensory materials. Our classes are a fun, relaxed, hands on, interactive learning experience.


How do I choose which class is best for my child?

All our classes have been designed to be developmentally appropriate for a certain age range. As a general rule we suggest you do not enroll your child in a class if they are below the minimum age. That saying, we understand that children all develop at their own rate so if you are unsure, just give us a call and we can guide you.


How many children per class?

We keep our classes small so that you get the most out every lesson. To achieve this, we limit numbers to a maximum of 12 children.


Can I attend on a casual basis?

Regular attendance fosters familiarity which in turn builds confidence and supports learning. As your child becomes more familiar with the environment, the other participants, the songs and the activities, their confidence will flourish and the more they will gain. For this reason we encourage regular participation. If full term enrolment is not possible, please contact us to register for casual participation. Casual classes cost $25 per session. Please note, we are only able to provide this for as long as there are places available.


Term has already started. Can I still enrol?

Yes. You can enroll at any stage in the term. You will only be charged for the number of classes left in the term.


Can I bring my other children to class?

Of course. Our classes are fun and interactive and both children will benefit from participating. We recommend that you attend the class that best suits your oldest child. Twins and accompanying participating siblings receive a 50% discount. Accompanying younger siblings such as newborns and babes in arms attend free.                                                                

See our full Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.


I've saved my child's place in the special park classes so we don't miss out. What happens it rains?

If a class is unable to proceed due to wet weather, the class will be cancelled and you will be eligible for a Substitute class.

Substitute classes can be taken at any available venue, in any available class and are valid for 12 months.


Is Soundplay Australia a child care facility?

Parents participate with thier children in all our classes. Our programs are designed to support you as well as your little ones through fun hands on musical learning.


I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Easy! Just call Jacqueline on 0403 789 455 or email us via our Contact page.


Where do I find out more about your Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy?

Links to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy are loctated at the bottom of every page. Just scroll down.


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