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As the Director of a childcare service I am often approached by companies seeking to provide services and I was so happy when Jacqueline phoned me and conveyed the wonderful music program that she was teaching, for it has been just that - wonderful!


Soundplay has provided fun, developmentally age appropriate and exciting music classes for the children attending our baby room right through to our pre-school children. The families and educators have seen the benefits as the children have grown not only in their musical awareness, but also their confidence.  


This connection with Soundplay over several years has been immeasurable and Jacquelines dedication and passion is evident.

Samantha Lewis


Bambinis Child Care Centre

Shireen Zein

Early Childhood Educator 

Bronte Early Learning Centre

The centre considers themselves to be fortunate to be able to participate in the ( Soundplay) program. This  year our under 3 year olds and nursery have been involved. The parents have been excited about the children's partticipation and in what they have been bringing home. (Soundplay) exposes the children to a professional session that fits in perfectly with the Early Years Learning Framework.


Robyn Mumford


Waverley Early Education Centre

 It's great to see all the kids so engaged. Awesome, thanks so much for bringing in so many ukuleles for the kids!

 Emily Wadham - Benjamin's mum

Thank you for posting the photos  . The class looks like so much fun! - ​Elisa Isaacs - Fiona's mum


Charlotte came home with hers ( Ukuele) last night and she loves it!!!! So much so I had to hide it in order to get her in the bath and into bed...! Natalie Mayoh - Charlotte's mum  


Parents of children from the Under 2's room at Gardiner Early Education Centre

Thank you Jacque for all your enthusiasm and the love of music you have brought to our centre.  Not only have you been able to impart your musical knowledge but you have also encouraged the team to bring music into the program and use it confidently.  Staff now use music throughout their day to transition children, help children learn good practices in washing hands and packing away and learn concepts while at play- even making up their own songs. 


Exploring music has been a very useful team building exercise that has brought fun, laughter and a more relaxed and happy atmosphere over the whole centre.  Staff have connected with each other in more meaningful ways which has also allowed for better communication overall.


I love to hear the staff and children sign during their day.  Everyone has benefited from your on the job staff training.  Thank you for introducing staff to the Ukuleles, I love hearing the ukuleles bring played in the staff room at lunch times when staff jam together and then this being transferred into the play environment.  We can’t wait to learn some more songs from your online lessons.


Kate Longley


Kindamindi Childhood Centre 

Pamela Dalton - Teacher at Mill Hill Early Education Centre 

An end of term gift from the wonderful kids at Gardiner Early Education Centre. We've been running Soundplay with them now for almost 12 months and every class is seriously more fun than the last! Such and awesome group of teachers and kids!

Lucy has been fantastic with the children. They all respond so well to the songs choices and I like how they are asked what songs they wany to sing. I highly recommend Soundplay as I think the children really respond well and Lucy is fantastic ( gentle, confident and welcoming) wih the children.


Tanya Taylor

ECT Bush babies room

Waverley Early Education Centre

My daughter has asked to play the ukulele and guitar at home. She also gets excited about playing drums on boxes or anything I get out that can be made into a drum for her. She knows some songs I haven't taught her - not sure if that's your class or the library or both but she is singing a lot! I get her excited about Tuesdays by reminding her it's "music day". I think education about different instruments is really helpful and rhythm and beats and feeling the music is so important


Kiri Stejko

Tatiana's Mum

Kindamindi Chid Care Centre

The preschoolers at Gardiner Early Education Centre love Jacqueline Freeman's Soundplay music classes and eagerly look forward to her visit every Thursday morning. The classes are very well planned, offering just the right mix of music and movement to keep the children engaged from start to finish. Jacqueline has a wonderful way with children and an infectious enthusiasm for music. We have been impressed by the variety of educational activities she manages to include in each lesson and there is no doubt that the children's musical abilities are blossoming as a result.


Heather Mann

Preschool Teacher 

Gardiner Early Education Centre

Ready to enrich what your centre provides?

We all loved Soundplay! The children got really excited and loved joining in. We also like listening to the Youtube videos when we do not have Soundplay. Our Favourite is "When We"


Josie Elane

Early years educator

Greenwood Five Dock

Jakey sings and dances more now, ( he) grooves along when we watch videos of Jacqui and the kids at kindy.


Ali Irvine

Jake's Mum

Kindamindi  Child Care Centre

The children in our 2 - 3yrs group are always excited to join in with th music group and dancing. It is very interactive. They join in with singing and dancing and ask for different songs. The music teacher works with the teacher in the room asking about what we are focusing on and learning n the room. This is then involved in the music program. Oarents love seeing what the children do b wacthing the facebok photo's and videos


Sarah Eslick

Early Childhood Educator

Waverley Early Education Centre

I loved Soundplay. The way the children and myslef got into it was great. It was amazing. The children learnt alot about music, sound, manners and patients.  Jacque is amazing and we're going to miss her.


Rosa Roccon


Greenwood Five Dock

My child loves you! I love you! When can we bring our ukulele? LOL


Looking forward to next term excitedly!

Brendan loves music and singing and I am happy he is getting some music at daycare


Berta Litvak

Brendan's mum

Kindaburra Child Care Centre

( The children were ) very entertained with a variety of activiteis ( and were) fully engaged throughout... Fantstic! (The classes are ) very engaging and educational. It's great to see the children participating in such a wonderful experience.


Mercedes Murillo

Early Childhood Educator 

Waverley Early Education Centre

(Lexi now does )  lots of actions to songs (heads, shoulder, knees and toes; twinkle-twinkle etc).

She enjoys moving to music (and) looks at the TV whenever there is a jingle in the background.


Mel Uchitel

Lexi's mum

Maroubra Kinder Haven


Ready to enrich what your centre provides?

We loved Soundplay! It was great fun. The children learn't great things and so did the teachers. It's always a pleasure and such excitment having ( oundplay) join us.


Lucine Kurdian


Greenwood Five Dock

The children look forward to seeing Jacque each week and throughout the week request to see her on 'TV' as we practiced to Songs from her Youtibe clips. ...The children were always engaged with her lessons.


Sam Kelly


Greenwood Five Dock

Thanks for these pics and video. So great to see them having fun!

 Kylie Ryan - Ruby's mum

Thank you for the wonderful music classes my kids loved them, and we continue at home with our ukelele''s yay xxx. ( Puacking the Ukuleles away in the "Monster bags" ) was the first thing I was shown ! - Helen Derechos Julia and Lucia's mum

Parents of children from Mill Hill Early Education Centre

The children just love it. As soon as they see Jacque, they cheer because they know

they are going to have lots of fun!!!


Maria Gomes

Student Teacher

Mill Hill Early Education Centre

( Soundplay )  was so much fun! The children were very involved in the experience and looked forward to it every week.


Kate Riordan


Greenwood Five Dock

The children just love it. As soon as they see Jacque, they cheer because they know

they are going to have lots of fun!!!


Maria Gomes

Student Teacher

Mill Hill Early Education Centre

I love to see they are having fun in the music class. Chloe loves it. (I) Love it. Uhuh. They are so excited and happy, so nice to watch them ( on Facebook ). 


Audrey B Rana Dimitropoulos

Chloe's mum

Waverley Early Education Centre


Jacque had the attention and interest of all the children from the very 1st moment. Jacque coveres a wide range of content including movement, song and percussion. The children were involved in learning so many different skills across literacy, maths and gross/fine motor. And of course all the teachers get to learn as well.

Thanks Jacque.


Claudia Quintauilla

Early Education teacher

Mill Hill Early Education Centre


Great variety of music. The elements of sound, voice and music are included to make the experience holistic and capture all the children's interests and skills.

Jacque has a great rapport with the kids. Her personality makes her a favourite with the class and her work experience ( in remote Indigenous comunities ) adds another brilliant ellement of cultural respect to the class.


Pamela Dalton

Early Childhood Educator 

Mill Hill Early Education Centre

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