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Times and locations

New to Soundplay?



You might be eligible for a FREE

Trial class!  Find out! We'd love

to have you come and play!


Zetland - 100 Joynton Ave, Zetland.

Located on L2 of the Green Square Library with 4hour free street parking and easy pram access via the lift.

Need to miss a class? No worries, we've got you covered!

We understand that life happens along with the unexpected! If you're worried about not making it to some of the classes each term, don't be!  We've got you covered! 


Just let us know when something pops up and we'll do our best to find you a make up class to attend... For free!  It's that easy!!  



On top of that, when you enrol by the tern you automatically get a discount euivalent to 2 free

classes! It's so convienient, and regardless of wether you attend all the classes or miss one here

and there, you win! 

Enrol today



Soundplay is refreshingly different from other kids’ music classes.

My 3-year old was completely engaged in the music.... (but) most importantly for me, I left the class with a relaxed child. 


Rebecca & Oliver

Bellevue Hill

Owl with


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