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About Playgroups

As parents you want to provide your children with the best possible avenue to a healthy happy future and can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the changes and the speed in which they happen.


Being part of your child’s world as they develop their motor skills, enhance their cognitive abilities and expand their language and social skills is a precious source of joy and wonder that’s unparalleled. 



  • Our classes provide you with a safe place to relax, engage and connect with your child in a playfully musical environment. 

  • We run by the normal calander NOT by the school term system meaning we don't leave you with nothing to do over the school holidays.

  • Classes expand your tools as a parent in ways that strengthen your child’s relationship to learning and allow you to rest assured knowing your contributing to your little ones development in a nourishing supportive way.

  • They're relaxed and informal, inspiring a friendly caring environment for both you and your little one. It's also a great way to meet other families with similar interests.


With a focus on learning through enriched experiential participation, your child will play with a variety of musical stimuli and  developmentally appropriate props like drums, tamburines, bells, scarves, soft toys, shakers, guitars and rainbow xylophones - just to name a few! 


Our methodology is all about experiential, joy filled, hands-on play.


It's all about the music baby! 

Jackie is great! She has a lovely rapport with the kids and both my kiddies (3.3yrs + 8months old) loved her class. I definitely recommend it!    

Lisa, Neutral Bay


About class age ranges

At Soundplay we understand that your child is unique and that children all develop at their own pace .


Although our programs are divided based on age, these are only used as a general guide. Your child’s developmental stage

is the key indicator as to which class they'll get the most benefit and enjoyment from. 


Lap Bubs and Crawlers


Our baby classes will have you musically interacting with your child by way of bouncing, tickling, stroking, touching, listening and making sounds. It's all about exploration and awareness and connection.


Little Walkers / Toddlers up to 3 years


At this age, your child's abilities are increasing along with their understanding of what they can acheive. Classes are a great way to positively channel their natural exploration into being able to influence the world around them. We incorporate a vast range of instruments and activities perfect for the avid explorer your child has become! 



Big Talkers / Preschoolers up to 5years


By now your child's vocal ability is really starting to expand. This is an ideal time for us to support the building of their confidence and self expression. Through singing and playing instruments as well as loads of fun games designed to inspire the imagination, your child will improve their listening, coordination and sharing skills.



Mixed / Family classes


This fun class incorporates the best of everything we do. Our lessons are created specifically around those involved. The big kids feel great about showing the younger ones how to do things and the little ones watch the older ones and learn from them. This is a great class to bring siblings to as it promotes family bonding. It's also a fabulous way to build community when new locations are blooming.

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